Have an amazing hiking experience at Pitons St Lucia  

Hiking the Pitons is really one of the most exciting and interesting experience you can have here in this mountain region. All visitors can climb both the Petit Piton and Gros Piton twin mountains alone or with your loveable persons.  But Gros Piton is highly safer and you can hike there even without prior mountaineering experience and ropes. When you need a rope for the additional safety, you can take it with you. Before going to this mountain hike at pitons st lucia , first of all you should need to collect all related information about these mountains and what all the important things to be taken while hiking here are and several other tips.

In order to get this information and tips, you should need to hire the local Pitons guide from the online platform. The hike can take actually between 3 to 6 hours but it is absolutely worth to spend your time. Once you have arrived a peak of this mountain, you will be definitely got the breathtaking view of the vast portion of the Entire Island and also beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea. The travellers hiking to the Gross Piton will also have the feeling of freedom while standing on the top of this mountain. It will also give you the whole adventure hiking with the pleasant feelings and memorable views.